The Klamath Falls Gospel Mission

The Klamath Falls Gospel Mission, Inc. ('KFGM') was founded and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1958...

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Welcome to The Klamath Falls Gospel Mission

Our Mission is to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing, rescue, recovery, and renewal services in the Klamath Basin.

People who come through our doors will meet and embrace life in Jesus Christ and through having their spiritual and physical needs met will become vital, contributing members of our community.


The Mission provides services to anyone without regard for race, color, sex, disability, religion or national origin.


Services include Meals, Emergency Shelter, Chapel & Devotions, Recovery Program and Temporary Assistance Program (T.A.P.)

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Thrift Store

The profits from our Recovery Center Thrift Store provide vital support of the programs of the Gospel Mission.

Thrift Store

The Recovery Center Thrift Store carries a wide variety of quality merchandise, and has become a viable center for job training.

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Our volunteers come from all occupations, many different areas, varied economic backgrounds and divergent life experiences.


There are many ways you can help including the Kitchen, Thrift Store, Ministry Opportunities, Office Help, Maintenance, and more!

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What is 300 Strong?

In the book of Judges, the man Gideon was told “The Lord is with you” and the Lord wanted to show Himself strong, so the Lord spoke through Gideon to 22,000 people if you are fearful and trembling, GO HOME. So the number left was 10,000.

The Lord had the remaining 10,000 drink water and basically those who drank like a dog had to go home too. This left “300”, that were “STRONG”, because though small in number, their hope was in their God. Despite insurmountable odds, those “300” ended up defeating an army 135,000.

What does this mean to you? We have seemingly insurmountable odds with the spiritual and physical warfare that many men, women and children are going through right here in the Klamath Basin. But we also have the same God that Gideon does “300 STRONG” signifies a small number of people, that are not afraid of this fight because they know God is for them and they don’t drink water like a puppy.

Will you be one of the 300, the “300 STRONG” (monthly givers)?

Go to Donations to sign up to be one of the 300 people that gives $10, $20, $40, $100, or any amount you feel led to give, on a monthly basis. Or fill out one of the 300 Strong secure envelopes and return to the Gospel Mission. What seems small to you is a very powerful thing, when partnered with the Lord.



Our donation/utility pickup truck has died…and we can’t operate without one. Please consider giving immediately into our purchasing another truck fund drive.

We are currently looking for another truck and hope to find something within the next week or so. If you know of a moderately priced used truck, ¾ ton, 6’ – 8’ bed, 100,000 miles or so, and in excellent operating condition, please contact us.

Thank you,

Ron Hicks – Executive Director

JOB OPENING: The Klamath Falls Gospel Mission is hiring a PART-TIME Development Director. Click on the Job Announcement link at the bottom of any page for more information

Recreational Intoxication: And a Future is Going Up in Smoke

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Meet Shawnna

"Shawnna Ottenbacher came to the mission looking to fill her water bottle with some water. Little did she know that she would receive more than the water this world has to offer, she would receive the living water that Jesus Christ offers...."

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Gospel Mission Recovery Center Thrift Store - New Store Hours:

Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm; Saturday noon - 4pm

Closed Sunday

Donations Received Monday - Saturday from open until 4pm

Recent Newsletters

  • In the book of Judges, the man Gideon was told “The Lord is with you” and the Lord wanted to show Himself strong, so the Lord spoke through Gideon to 22,000 people... “if you are earful and trembling, GO HOME.” So the number left was 10,000. Download Newsletter PDF September 2018
  • Last month we talked about the science of scarcity. We hinted that scarcity is more than just poverty. For the poor it may be a lack of food, clothing, shelter, or money. For the busy, it may be a lack of time... Download Newsletter PDF August 2018
  • The emerging science of scarcity describes how we function when facing a perceived lack of resources. ... Download Newsletter PDF July 2018
  • The Klamath District of the Boy Scouts and the Klamath Falls Lions Club joined together to raise money to build hygiene kits to be distributed to the Klamath Gospel Mission and Marta’s House Women’s Crisis Center... Download Newsletter PDF June 2018
  • Save the Date Klamath Falls Gospel Mission annual fundraising dinner and auction... Download Newsletter PDF May 2018
  • Billy was raised in a military family and moved around as most families do in the military. He got into drugs at a young age... Download Newsletter PDF April 2018
  • From Nowhere to Somewhere - Carol came to the Gospel Mission in June of 2017 seeking shelter and stability. She came to us broken and confused with no place to turn... Download Newsletter PDF March 2018
  • Jason Was Set Free - I first came to this Mission in 2011 utilizing the services offered here. But I was drinking heavily, not working... Download Newsletter PDF February 2018
  • We’re looking to 2018 with a great deal of excitement because we will be moving into our new Recovery Center and celebrating our 60th year! Download Newsletter PDF January 2018

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ONGOING 2018 300 Strong

300 Strong Campaign

Raising the ongoing support of 300 Strong!

Regular Events

W 1:00pm 3:00pm

Apply for Temporary Assistance

In need of clothing, furniture, household goods? Our thrift store Temporary Assistance Program (TAP) may be able to help you.

TUE-FRI Bible Classes
10:00am 11:00am

Bible / Discipleship Classes

We provide ongoing bible based classes utilizing proven curriculum. Come join us.

TUE, THU, SUN Chapel
7:00pm 8:00pm

Chapel Service

We have staff, local pastors and guest speakers share the Word of God at our Chapel service. It is open to the public and you are invited.

MON-FRI Devotion
8:00am 8:30am

Morning Bible Devotion

We have staff, local pastors and guest speakers share the Word of God for our Devotion service. It is open to the public and you are invited.

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DID YOU KNOW, IN 2017... The Klamath Falls Gospel Mission provided for those in need:


Construction Gallery

Construction of our new facility is progressing well. View our photo gallery to follow the progress of construction from the beginning