Construction Progress

We Have Moved into Our New Facility!

 Thank you again to all who have contributed towards this new facility, a blessing to our community!!
Scroll below to see a collage of the new facility from the ground up.

State Representative Greg Walden

"I was down in the Klamath Basin yesterday, where we just had the groundbreaking for a new Klamath Works project. The campus here will focus on helping people who need a hand to get the services and job training they need to become self-sustaining.

"House Republicans have introduced an agenda, called “A Better Way”, that includes ideas to improve skills and education, reward hard work, tailor benefits to people’s needs, help families save for the future, and demand results from the welfare system. We must do more to break Oregon families out of the cycle of poverty, and we’ve taken a great step in that direction with Klamath Works and with the Better Way proposals to fight poverty."

~ Greg Walden

Ground Breaking

Representative Greg Walden addresses the crowd.

Representative Walden performing the official ground-breaking...via backhoe!

Many have been involved in making our new facility possible. We are very grateful.

Construction Gallery