Lives Change Because You Care

Katherine's Life Changed Because You Care

Katherine came to us seeking shelter in September 2016. While staying here at the Mission, she enrolled into Klamath Community College’s program for becoming a Commercial Truck Driver. She attended the program full time and was able to complete it in 6 weeks. She said that she came here with a clear goal in mind to become self-sufficient, and wanted to become a commercial truck driver.

Katherine was also able to complete her “give back time” at the Mission while going full time in this program. She shared with the women’s shelter supervisor that her motivation for becoming a truck driver was so that she can visit her children in Kansas while driving over the road.

Katherine met Jesus here and offered her love, grace and healing she so needed in her life. She left us in February after being offered a job with C.R. England trucking firm.

She stated, “thank you all for the support, warm place to sleep, and good food that I have received at the mission.”

It was a blessing that we were able to meet Katherine and minister to her, and see the Lord work things for good in her life.