Lives Change Because You Care

From Nowhere to Somewhere

Carol came to the Gospel Mission in June of 2017 seeking shelter and stability. She came to us broken and confused with no place to turn. She found her way here after going to one of our local churches asking for help. 

She was dehydrated, exhausted and sunburnt when she was brought to us. She had been recently released from jail with no safe and stable place to turn to, which lead her to a church and then to us. 

Since she has been with us Carol has found purpose for her life. Through the love of our Savior and hearing the truth of His word, she has been transformed from a lost and hopeless woman to a found and loved woman, with purpose. 

]She is focused on seeking healing and recovery for herself. She enjoys serving others and has a compassionate heart and passion to help other women who are going through what she has been through. 

Carol is now serving as our emergency shelter live-in supervisor and is going through our recovery program and taking discipleship classes. 

We are excited to see how the Lord is moving in her heart and mind and anticipating and expecting great and mighty things to transpire for Carol.