Lives Change Because You Care

Meet Shawnna

Shawnna Ottenbacher came to the mission looking to fill her water bottle with some water. Little did she know that she would receive more than the water this world has to offer, she would receive the living water that Jesus Christ offers. Shawnna was met by the women’s director that day as she was at the front desk asking for some water. Shawnna has been with the mission from that day on and is currently participating in our recovery program.

Shawnna when asked, states that since she has been at the mission participating in the recovery program she has learned more about the Word of God. Learning about Gods word has strengthened her relationship with God. Shawnna adds that since she has been at the mission her desire to use drugs has been completely taken away and that she has a freedom from addiction like never before. Shawnna has a desire to minister to others and share what the Lord has done for her. Shawnna enjoys praying for others and believes in the power of prayer. Shawnna states, that she knows that Jesus meets us where we are. She is a daughter of the King and He loves her unconditionally.