Covid-19 Prepared

We’re excited and exhilarated to report that the Mission has had no cases of COVID-19.  We are taking all the precautions here at the Mission so we can continue to serve the men, women, and children that are in great need here in the Klamath Basin.

Our prayer and hope is that we will all continue to persevere in our faith and stay healthy COVID-19 free.

On June 1st our Gospel Mission Thrift Store will re-open, resume back to regular hours, and will be ready to accept donations.   

We are also contacting all our volunteers to invite them to come back June 1st, to serve in all the departments: Administration, Chapel, Devotions, Discipleship Classes, Kitchen, Mentoring, Men’s Shelter, Women’s Shelter, Women & Children’s Shelter, and Thrift Store.

Most of all, we want to give a special Thank You to all the faithful partners who have supported the Mission in this uncertain time.

In His Service,

Ammond Crawford,
Executive Director