Lives Change Because You Care

Thanking God for the Mission

Hello, my name is Amanda. I, my kids and my husband just recently moved to Klamath Falls about three weeks ago. My family and I are from California. I am a grateful recovering addict that is finally letting go and letting God lead the way. God is doing amazing things for my family and opening doors for us. We came to the Klamath Falls Gospel Mission needing guidance and a place to stay to figure things out. Since we have been here God has been working in my heart and soul and I have found peace and am back in church and changing my life daily. I came here torn, broken and hurt and since being here I have found peace, love, and comfort and have found God again. This place is the greatest thing that could have come into our path and for that I want to say thank you to everyone that makes this place possible and for always loving us. I want to thank God for all of our blessings.

Hi, my name is Steven and I am here at the Klamath Falls Gospel mission with my wife Amanda and 3 kids. Just like a lot of people in this world I am an addict and struggle every day with my past drug addiction to meth. Before I came to the Mission I did not believe in God and I was in a dark place in my mind and heart. God was the last one I would have called on for help.  I have hurt the ones I love and never cared about how I made them feel, I only cared about how I was gonna get my next fix. It wasn’t until I came to the Gospel Mission someone invited me to bible study at their church. It was there that I realized that God was talking to me as the preacher was saying that God loved me unconditionally and despite all that I have done I could go to heaven. I thought of my wife and how she has always stood by me and loved me no matter what and I felt this was God showing me his unconditional love for me.
That is when I made the decision to jump and receive Salvation. I am grateful for the Gospel Mission because they have showed me that God can help us through anything. I thank the Klamath Falls Gospel mission for all they have done for my family and I.